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Strawberry Fields High School
Model United Nations Conference &
Policy Contention 2023

July 21-23, 2023









Letter from the Secretariat

We here, at Strawberry Fields High School, have seen the SFHS Model United Nations Conference continuously grow year after year to a prestigious gathering for young diplomats. With an ardent commitment to fostering dialogue, understanding, and solutions to pressing local and global issues, the Strawberry Fields MUN aims to provide a platform for our future leaders to broaden their horizons, share their perspectives and allow them to transform into global citizens who do not hesitate to address the ongoing issues plaguing the world. This year, our selection of committees comprise the Joint Crisis Committee, US Parliament Upper House Senate, High Commissioner for Refugees, the World Economic Forum, among others. Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce that we will also be hosting a Policy Debate on the occasion of the SFHS MUN’s tenth anniversary, wherein Indian policies focusing on themes of increasing importance, such as Sustainability, Digitalisation, Defence, Women and Child Welfare etc., shall be discussed in detail as participants garner the skill of questioning and explore the pros and cons of such policies.


We are filled with anticipation for stimulating debates, collaborative problem-solving, and lifelong connections that will undoubtedly be forged in the spirit of diplomacy and cooperation. Regardless of what title shall accompany you on your journey home, there is no doubt that the SFHS MUN will allow you to grow in the capacity of an aspiring diplomat by developing the skills to formulate policies and making your voice heard. Together, let us seize this opportunity to make a meaningful impact and steer our world towards a clearer, brighter future.

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