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world economic forum

Understanding the economic implications of global inequality trends, with special emphasis on debt traps

The World Economic Forum is an international organisation that facilitates cooperation between the public and private sectors of economies. It aims to demonstrate the spirit of entrepreneurship while setting the highest standards for the legal, political and moral governance of economic activities.


China has been extensively pursuing 'Debt Trap Diplomacy' under its multi-billion dollar connectivity project, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This refers to the act of offering loans on terms too difficult to repay, resulting in the indebted having to suffer political or economic concessions. China’s BRI policy has furthered Beijing’s geostrategic interests and global influence, but it has also led to several unsustainable debt-for-infrastructure deals, which exacerbate global inequality and hinder the attainment of several SDGs. Diplomats must discuss the implications posed by this policy and reach a solution that favours both China and countries that enter into business with the former.

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