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Agenda 1: Discussion on federal gun laws with special emphasis on school shootings

Agenda 2: Discussion on the CHIPS Act

The upper chamber of the United States Congress, the US Parliament Upper House Senate is the main legislative body of the USA, akin to India’s Lok Sabha. Two agendas shall be discussed within this committee.


The first agenda shall revolve around gun laws, given the unprecedented rise in school shootings and targeted killings recently. With the first few months of the year starting off with the national death toll climbing up to the hundreds, shootings have evolved into a national calamity and a human rights issue. Delegates must discuss the various complexities presented by gun laws and formulate plans to prevent future killings.


The second agenda focuses on the CHIPS Act, often described as the largest piece of industrial policy signed into law in the US. The CHIPS Act has been designed to address the apparent lack of semiconductors in electrical devices in the USA by providing over $52 billion in subsidies to the development of semiconductor manufacturing and research. However, there are questions regarding the feasibility of chip manufacturing and its potential for self-sufficiency, for this semiconductor manufacturing contributes to global warming. Delegates must address these concerns whilst keeping in mind the need for technological innovation in the USA.

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