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Agenda: Deliberating on the

Sudan Refugee Crisis

The Beginner’s Committee: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is a branch of the UN dedicated to saving the lives of refugees and arranging their relocation, resettlement and rehabilitation.


Amid increasing violence and deteriorating conditions, the situation in South Sudan has escalated to a full-blown humanitarian emergency. The power rivalry between the military and the paramilitary forces of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has had a violent impact on the citizens of South Sudan who have been caught in the middle of the struggle, with refugee numbers rising to 2 million, proving to be the largest refugee crisis in Africa. The refugees, often women and children, are survivors of attacks in the form of violence and sexual assault. They face a number of problems, such as malnourishment, disease and homelessness. The delegates must discuss ways to mitigate the impact of the refugee crisis in South Sudan, and, in the process, discuss the root causes of the crisis itself within the committee’s mandate.

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