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Union of European Football Association

a. Ensuring Equal Wealth Distribution Across the Football Pyramid in the Context of Super League

b. Deliberating the Workload of Players with Respect to Increasing Number of Championships

The committee of the Union of European Football Association deals with issues pertaining to football players, clubs and matches, such as wealth distribution across the football pyramid in the context of the Super League and the overworking of football players due to the increasing number of championships. 


With the proposal of the formation of the Super League, a seasonal club football competition initially contested by twenty European football clubs, there were many complications and controversies regarding elitism, lack of competitiveness in the competition and the financial distribution. With the introduction of new championships in addition to the previous ones, the players also face the problem of being overworked. Delegates will be discussing these issues with the aim of ensuring equal wealth distribution in clubs of the Super League and balancing the workload of players. 


In this committee, you will have the opportunity to take measures and find solutions to problems in the field of global football so that you can ratify the rights and integrity of football players and clubs. That is why we bring to you the UEFA committee at the Strawberry Fields High School Model United Nations 2022. 

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