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secretary general
Aadya batra

The confidence and composure in her voice, humility in her smile and focus reflecting in her determined eyes give her a larger-than-life aura despite her short stature. A prominent member of the debating circuit, Aadya is an embodiment of all the qualities that others strive so hard to imbibe.

Patience and perseverance personified, she is the epitome of a true leader, a smart worker and a tough taskmaster yet is always ready to give a helping hand to anyone who needs it. A mentor with a sense of purpose when required and a companion with a bubbly persona at all times. Put her in a crisis and she will ease her way out like it never happened. Dependable, amiable, and ambitious, her ability to get work done and delegate tasks all the way to success is remarkable. While it is hard to bag a compliment from her, the way she carries the team together like a family is indeed worth all the fierce looks she gives. (Quite ironic given her gleeful smile but versatility is just another synonym for her personality)

Her keen interest in Psychology is reflected in how impressively adept she is at dealing with individuals, having different temperaments. Easily the most sarcastic member of them all, with her sense of purpose and her infectious zeal to accomplish all that she sets out to achieve, we present to you Aadya Batra, Secretary-General of Strawberry Fields High School Model United Nations Conference 2021.

Being a veteran orator and experienced public speaker, Aanya has a tendency to excel at whatever she does. Having years of experience under her belt, she’s often been in positions of great responsibility and stress and has always come out on top.

She is a natural leader and is always eager to take charge from the front. Aanya’s focus, commitment and sheer will make her an invaluable and indispensable member of the organising committee. Having successfully established an NGO that is helping the underprivileged; her constant enthusiasm and vigour serve as sources of motivation for everyone and keep the team going. Her exceptional communication and listening skills not only make her an excellent debater, but also allow her to recognise issues and solve them with ease.

Her interest in International Relations is well reflected in her ability to converse about global issues (Of course you can strike a conversation about Suits and you’ll be on her good side). Fun loving yet dedicated she views things from a different perspective. The creativity and spontaneity of this member is exceptional. We are proud to present, Aanya Malik, the Director General of Strawberry Fields High School Model United Nations Conference 2021.


director general
aanya malik

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