Perpetually heading some project or the other, this member of the Secretariat is a leader in the truest essence. Harbouring a penchant for perfection, she has never been one to shy away from an extra hour of work. Be it public speaking, social work or sports, she has done it all and has definitely left her mark. Her calibre and potential to excel have often shown through her dedication to her work, and her commitment to her team is indeed unwavering. With her clear vision and resolute determination, there is no doubt that she will do justice to her post.




With the utmost dedication to his responsibilities and high standards of work, this member of the Secretariat is surely the most serious one of us all.  Known to adhere to timelines, he gets the job done and is well-known for finding a rational solution to any problem that comes his way. His refined communication skills and unparalleled work ethic make him the leader everybody looks up to. His commitment to his position makes him indispensable. Assertive and judicious, his ability to turn any conversation into an erudite discussion is truly impressive.



With his unadulterated dedication to his responsibilities and high standards of work, he is indeed an asset to the team.


A constant source of motivation and inspiration, his loud cheers of “how’s the josh?”, never fails to instil energy in the crowd. One to never filter his words and thoughts before voicing them, he is ever ready to take on challenging tasks and delivers the desired results every single time.


He is the embodiment of the saying, “Humour is the best teacher” with his casual mannerisms managing to put people at ease. He stands by his team and ensures that success as a goal is achieved in unity and not independently. Always viewing things from a different perspective, his creativity and spontaneity are unusually remarkable.



Dedicated, determined and chirpy are the words that describe her the best, Ria is undoubtedly the liveliest member of our team. Known for her vibrant persona, she tackles all tasks with eagerness topped with an ever-present smile.


She engages wholeheartedly with the task at hand, ensuring that she leaves an indelible mark that announces – job well done! She definitely inspires her peers to keep going, keep working hard and never give up. A hardcore perfectionist, she ensures that everything around her is fault free. Her approachability and happy-go-lucky personality make her stand out from the crowd.



Known for her amiable and mettlesome attitude. Her communication skills are unparalleled as is her ability to adapt to both people’s needs and situational problems.


Not only zealous in her work, but she is also unquestionably the most exuberant member of the group. Vibrant and outgoing, she tackles all tasks with eagerness and is sure to provide quick and viable results. Responding boldly, she ensures that she leaves a mark and makes her presence felt in every endeavour she undertakes.


Always viewing things from a different perspective, the creativity and spontaneity of this member are exceptionally remarkable.