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Secretary General’s Committee on Sustainable Development Goals

Deliberation on Policies to Achieve SDG 5 on Gender Equality in India

The Sustainable Development Group is a local organisation, under the umbrella of the Niti Aayog, that promotes development on the lines of sustainability. Gender inequality is perhaps one of the most persistent and prevalent forms of injustice that is often overlooked because it does not exist in black and white. It is the need of the hour to uplift the world’s female population as it would boost economic prosperity, shrink poverty, enhance social well-being, aid sustainable development and to top it all, give women a right that belongs to them. 


SDG 5 aims “to eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence against women in the public and private spheres and to undertake reforms to give women equal rights”. Delegates will be representing citizens of India and will be discussing a gamut of issues arising from gender inequality. In this committee, they will have the power to bring gender disparity to light and suggest measures to close the gender gap. Additionally, if their proposals have merit then they will be implemented in a village in Haryana.


For this purpose, we bring to you a simulation of the Sustainable Development Group with the agenda, Deliberation on Policies to Achieve SDG 5 in Gender Equality in India at the Strawberry Fields High School Model United Nations 2022.

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