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Deliberating on the use of lethal autonomous weapons and military drones by countries with a special emphasis on emerging AI based weaponry

The United Nations Security Council is the primary UN body responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security, wherein delegates must work together to prevent and address any concerns that threaten to upset the order of the world.


Lethal autonomous weapons (LAWs), systems with the ability to identify, select and engage with targets all on their own without any human intervention, pose the concern of leading to unintended civilian casualties and gross violations of international humanitarian law due to the machines not possessing the human traits of morality and empathy. Furthermore, with there being no specific law in place governing the use of LAWs, victims and their loved ones might not even get justice for such crimes. Such factors might culminate in an arms race for LAWs, a dangerous implication for the future state of international peace. Thus, delegates shall deliberate whether new international frameworks are required to address this potentially deadly technology.

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