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High Level Forum on Gender-Based Violence

Tackling gender-based violence with Special Emphasis on Crimes Against Men

“Gender-based violence is not a woman’s issue, it is a human issue.”


Gender-based violence refers to “any type of harm that is perpetrated against a person or group of people because of their factual or perceived sex, gender, sexual orientation and/or gender identity.”


Gender-based violence against men is a silent crisis that several men have been a victim of in one way or the other, and to top it all, it is treated differently than crimes against women in society and is almost unrecognised by law. 


In this committee, delegates will come up with methods to recognise and tackle gender-based violence while emphasising on crimes committed against men. For this purpose, we bring to you, the High Level Forum on Gender Violence at the Strawberry Fields High School Model United Nations 2022.

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