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Arab League

Assessing the Impact of the Influence and Interference of Western States in the Middle East

The Arab League is the union of Arab-speaking countries which discuss issues regarding the independence, sovereignty, affairs and interests of the member states to strengthen and coordinate political, cultural, economic and social disputes in their midst. 


Since the French invasion of Egypt in 1798, western imperialism has continued to invade or interfere in the nations of the Arab League. The US has been in an endless war with the Middle East since 1990 and there is no end in sight. For over a decade, the United States has sought to wind down the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, reduce its military footprint in the Middle East, and redirect scarce resources to Asia. This invasion has had adverse effects not only on the Middle East and their surrounding nations but also on their own economy and military. In spite of resistance, these invasions do leave a great impact on these countries in the form of westernisation. There is a thin line between westernisation and modernisation here, which gives rise to many issues and debates such as the influence on the position of women and education in these states. In this committee, the delegates will assess the impact of western influence and interference on the nations of the Middle East. 


The introduction of this committee at this year's conference gives you the opportunity to give recognition to the Middle Eastern states by giving them a chance to assert their problems and find solutions for the same. Hence, we proudly introduce the Arab League in the Strawberry Fields High School Model United Nations 2022.

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