Distinguished guests and participants,

We bring to you the Seventh Edition of the renowned Strawberry Fields High School Model United Nations. This much-awaited event will take place over the span of two days, from August 8 to 9 over an Online Platform.
Owing to the trying times the world is facing in the wake of a deadly global pandemic, major recession, economic breakdowns and political outcries in various nations, it becomes all the more imperative to engage in an intelligent and fruitful debate that will be relevant in the post-pandemic world.
SFHS MUN 2020 aims to provide a platform for young minds around the nation to present their opinions while putting international issues into perspective. At SFHS, we have always believed in the spirit of free speech and understood the importance of raw debate. For this purpose, we will be simulating the following committees:

The United Nations Human Rights Council which will be focusing on the human rights violations in China. The Economic and Social Council will be discussing the recent global economic slowdown and the rising tide of protectionism. Among other simulated forums is the United Nations Children's Fund, with the agenda of ensuring basic necessities and welfare of children in Yemen. The Citizens Dialogue of the United States of America will be tackling the problem of police brutality and systematic racism. The International Labour Organisation and the Cabinet Committee on Security are also being simulated.
This edition of the SFHS MUN, like the ones preceding it,  is the result of the efforts put in by our eager organising committee. The SFHS MUN strives to ensure the highest quality of debate and diplomacy. It is our aim to ensure that every participant takes away key skills that a Model United Nations aims to inculcate, and is able to translate these into shaping a just, democratic world.